Legwear - Green Snake

Legwear - Green Snake



Here are a few reasons why casino players might buy fitness apparel. Most importantly, it can help them stay focused and reduce distractions. If you can't find clothes specifically for playing in an $2 deposit casino, try to buy leggings that pole dancers love so much. If you're worried about being uncomfortable, wear sweatpants or other fitness clothing.

Pole Dance Leg Wear

On those cooler days or evenings in the dance studio or just for a warm up at the start of training. Pole dance leg wear and active wear are vibrant full length tights and garments which combine vivid surface pattern design with performance and functionality. Express yourself at the pole and go beyond the moves with stunning shapes and patterns in four way stretch lycra. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced competitive dancer, Pole Dynamix has the style to make you look and feel great while performing!  

Leg Wear and Active Wear for Pole Dance

Sometimes pole shorts and pole tops are not enough and an extra layer or a full length tight will provide additional warmth. Part of the active wear range we supply to individuals, classes and clubs, leggings are an essential item for any dancer. If you are a beginner, you may feel more comfortable in legwear and active wear garments which give more coverage. As you advance through the moves, gaining more experience and confidence, wear shorts for leg grip on the pole. Find a pair of tights to accompany our pole basics range.

Leg Wear and Active Wear from Pole Dynamix

When you buy leg wear and active wear for pole fitness classes from Pole Dynamix. You are purchasing garments created with over two decades of experience in the design and manufacture of clothing for dance, gymnastics, ice skating, and majorette sets. Made in Manchester by a highly skilled team of cutting and sewing colleagues, our in house designers bring function, fun and flair together to create our highly desirable ranges of pole dance leggings and active wear. Backed by first class customer service you can be confident we will live up to our motto of “Perfection and Performance”. Contact us today with your enquiries about any of our products.