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Pole Tops from Pole Dynamix

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Whether it is your regular outfit for training or a key piece for performing. There is a big choice of pole tops from Pole Dynamix to suit your dance requirements. Our pole tops will fit and stretch to suit your body contours and will deliver a great balance of style and form to give you confidence whether you are training or wowing the crowd in competition! With our range of pole dance fashion you will find the perfect pairing with pole shorts to reflect your body shape and personality.

It might surprise you that casino players also buy fitness apparel. The fact is that fitness clothing is a popular purchase among many people. You can be sure that if you buy Pole Top to play in an boom casino you will definitely not regret it and you will be satisfied with the result. The casino industry has made an impression on both fashion and culture, and it's no wonder.

Pole Tops Which Combine Athleticism and Style

Pole dancing offers a fully dynamic and fun workout which combines elements of gymnastics and fitness. Improving strength and flexibility, there are classes for all ages and abilities and this sport is also great for socialising and making friends. Most classes have a pole dancing etiquette and our pole tops offer the perfect combination of design and style to wear comfortably over a sports bra. Cropped pole tops allow a visible midriff so that more advanced moves are achieved with the friction of bare skin against the metal pole. From vibrant colours and patterns to overlaid lace neckline details, there is a style of top for you!

Buy Pole Tops Online from Pole Dynamix

The pole tops from Pole Dynamix draw on 20 years of experience in the manufacturing of specialist gymnastics and dance wear. You can be confident that you will be purchasing pole dance garments which utilise the latest clothing fibre technology and styles to ensure you get the most out of your dancing experience. Purchase a wide range of pole dance fashion online from Pole Dynamix. We believe that everyone should be able to reach their potential in this exciting fitness and dance activity, and we supply garments suitable for complete beginners or seasoned professional performers. Want to know more? Please contact us today.